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James and Sara’s Classic Rosemary Beach Wedding

This bride’s classic vision paired perfectly with the natural aesthetic of Rosemary Beach, Florida. From the gold detailing to the newly picked florals hung from the old world chandeliers, it was truly a sophisticated affair. Fresh greenery surrounded the couple and their loved ones inside the minimalistic perfection of the Town Hall.

Lauren Kinsey from Lauren Kinsey Photography captured every detail the SPE team and Myrtie Blue created along with the essence of this beautiful couple’s love for one another.

Want to be swept off your feet even more? This wedding is featured on Style Me Pretty today – A Beach Wedding Inspired by Downton Abbey.


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Emily + Field’s Romantic Eden Gardens Wedding

Perfect Fall weather, crisp greenery and great music set the tone for an evening to remember. This wedding under the mossy oak trees at Eden State park was filled romance and laughter; from the love between this adorable couple to the love and admiration of their family and friends.

Etherial lanterns adorned the ceiling of the translucent tent to bring the outdoors into their November wedding. The twinkling lights paired with the warm garden heaters made the space extra cozy while guests toasted the couple and danced the night away.

Photography: W & E Photographie

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Real Wedding Wednesday – Brooke + Kevin

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I love this part of the week – not only does Wednesday break up the week, but it is also a day when fresh images of weddings from all over hit my inbox!

Brooke and Kevin were married inside Rosemary Beach’s Town Hall. Their cocktail hour was held under sparkling bistro lights on the iconic building’s side lawn while their ceremony location was transformed into a picturesque reception.  The couple chose minimalist shades of white and ivory with pops of reds and lot of greenery. This color palette complimented the aesthetic of Rosemary Beach and the clean, sophisticated look inside the gorgeous wooden french doors of one of the oldest buildings in Rosemary.

Brooke and Kevin’s wedding is featured today on Style Me Pretty! Check it out here: The Perfect Spot for an Intimate Seaside Wedding

Photography by: Shannon Griffin

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Wedding Week Countdown – How to Prepare for Your Wedding the Week of

It’s here! The week you have been waiting on for months! Now it is time to really think about the details to make your event as perfect as it can be.


Don’t Consume a lot of Sodium or Alcohol

The week of your wedding is a celebration in itself, and you may want to indulge in a glass of wine to toast your closeness to the finish line, but try not to go overboard. Consuming large volumes of alcohol or sodium will leave you feeling puffy on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable in your gorgeous wedding dress you spent hours deciding on. You want to feel as though you are floating down the aisle, not feeling like you are dragging yourself down it.


Don’t Start New Facial Cleansers, Chemical Peels, or New Spray Tan Products

Sure, everyone wants that golden glow the day of their wedding, especially if you are tying the knot outside in the spring or summer months, but you definitely want it to look natural. Test the products on your skin months prior to your event to ensure you have a nice, even coverage and don’t have a reaction to the product’s ingredients. We suggest scheduling an appointment with your spray tan specialist to do a trial run. That way, when you go back the week or week and a half before your wedding, you won’t be nervous about how it will turn out.

Chemical peels and face masks can be ultra luxurious and beneficial to the overall glow to your skin. Just like with the spray tan, test out a few products a few months prior to your wedding to make sure your skin loves the product just as much as you do!


Don’t Start a New Intense Diet or Cleanse

Diet and exercise is great for everyone, but starting a new cleanse or diet can be detrimental leading up to your wedding. Strict diets, especially those that cut a lot from your calorie intake all at once, can have a major affect on your energy and digestion. Instead, just be conscious of your intake of fats and sugars leading up to the wedding and stick to your usual workout routine.


Do have Fun!

Enjoy yourself, girl! The week of your wedding is super exciting and filled with amazing energy. Soak it all up, and relax in knowing that the planning is basically done and you can just enjoy your week! Cheers, beautiful!



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Pantone Color of the Year – Greenery

It’s that time of year again. The time when we start planning events and dreaming up all the ways we can redecorate our homes around the release of Pantone’s color section of the year.

With the Pantone Color of the Year being Greenery, we thought we would share a few examples of how you could incorporate this fresh and natural shade into your wedding day.

The color green represents freshness and new beginnings, perfect for starting off your new life with your love.

Think of greenery as a neutral when selecting your color palette. With spring and summer quickly approaching, mid-season 2017 brides are opting for outdoor events for their wedding, bridal shower, and engagement party. But, this palette isn’t wedding-centric only. This color and texture trend has made it to dinner parties, corporate events, interior design, and even fashion shows.

Looking for inspiration? We have you covered with this romantic, organic wedding we coordinated in November:


Photography: Brandon Chesbro

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How to Make your Guests Feel More Comfortable at your Wedding

Have you ever been to a wedding where you didn’t really know anyone? Maybe you went as a plus-one to your friend or were the date of a member of the wedding party. Oh, the dreaded head table with only the wedding party’s names listed (minus their dates).

We’ve selected a few ways to make sure your guests have the best time at your wedding!

1) Have a Head Table Dedicated to Your Wedding Party and Their Dates

Head tables can be oh-so-pretty and practical. But it can become a little awkward if one of your groomsman brings his new girlfriend as his date and she doesn’t know anyone. This awkward moment can be avoided with a bit of planning. When making your seating charts, double and triple check with your wedding party to confirm who their plus-ones will be. It is an added touch to ensure all of your guests feel welcomed.

Photography: Lauren Kinsey

2) Provide your Guests with Activities

During moments before the ceremony and after the ceremony, there may be a lull in the event flow. This could happen due to early bird guests or during the cocktail hour after the ceremony while you and your new spouse are capturing your wedding portraits. Serving cocktails and hors d’oeuvres after the ceremony, before dinner is served is always a good idea, but for an added touch, welcome your guests to your ceremony with a refreshing beverage. This could be a mixed drink or wine, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. If you are having a summer wedding on a lawn, opt for a cold lemonade with an airy garnish!

Photography: Lauren Kinsey

If you choose to have a guestbook, use it as a way to keep the flow going throughout the wedding. Traditionally, the guestbook is signed as guests are arriving. To switch it up a bit incorporate it into your cocktail hour. This will give your guests a moment to write a special wish while mingling with a cocktail.

Photography: Kate Captures

Also, if you have a larger venue, you could incorporate yard games to add an element of fun! Who doesn’t love a little competitive game of corn hole?!

Photography: Sarah and Paul Photography

3) Gift your Guests with Items That Combat the Weather

There are many adorable welcome items you could gift your guests as they arrive to make them feel extra welcomed! If you are hosting your wedding outside in the heat of summer, you could provide them with a theme-inspired hand fan, or a bottle of water with a signature wedding label.

For fall and winter weddings hosted outdoors or partially outdoors, you could hand out beautifully wrapped Hot Hands to keep your guests extra warm throughout the night!

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How to Recycle Your Wedding Florals

You’ve spent countless hours pinning wedding floral inspiration and designing your arrangements with your florist. Now, your wedding day is here and when you look around you see a sea of blooms you will enjoy for only a few hours. After the celebration is over, what do you do with your flowers so that others can enjoy them as much as you did? Sure, you can give a few bouquets away and keep a couple for yourself, but there will most likely be a lot left over. We have compiled a few different options to guarantee your carefully selected blooms will be put to great use.

Donate to Local Hospitals, Nursing Homes, or Homeless Shelters

This is a great way to spread cheer around to those who may be going through a difficult time. Once the wedding is over, carefully package the florals you want to donate and have one of your fabulous friends or family members deliver to the hospital, nursing home, or shelter. The best way to make sure the flowers are distributed, is to ask for someone in Volunteer Services. After speaking with a member of the volunteer team at Sacred Heart Hospital in Destin, FL, she was thrilled at the thought of the smiles on the patients faces when flowers are delivered to their rooms!

Fill Your Honeymoon Suite

This is a great go-to if you are staying over night at your wedding venue or close to your wedding venue. Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up to a room filled with florals from your dream wedding?

Keep Your Florals as a Keepsake

Preserving your flowers, even if it is a few stems or a bouquet, is a wonderful way to remember your big day! If you choose to keep one or two stems, folding them into your bible or journal would act as a nice memory when you go back to journal or look up your favorite scripture.

Donate to Your Church

If you are holding your ceremony in your church on a Saturday, leaving your florals for the church to use during their Sunday morning service would be a nice gift to your congregation. If you are traveling to a destination to get married, you could call around to a local church of your choice to arrange a floral donation.


We would love your ideas on how to recycle your wedding florals – Let us know in the comments!



SPE Team

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How to Word Your Wedding Invitations – Guest Blog by Aerialist Press

Happy Engagement season! Alexandra from Aerialist Press & Foiled Invitations here. A big thank you to the Shelby Peaden Events team for having us guest post with them today.

After finding your dream wedding designer and planner in Shelby Peaden Events and her talented team, venue selection, catering menus, and first dance songs are starting to fall into place! As you move further into the nitty gritty of planning, you will find you had a lot more questions than you may have ever anticipated.

Can we take a second to make a good guess about what one of those questions might be? How to word a wedding invitation that follows all the proper etiquette rules and still represents your celebration style? Sound a little familiar? Not to worry! We’ve been there and we’re here to make that decision a simple one.

Our team of paper designers and etiquette experts created an easy to navigate info-graphic and guide to help guide you through the wedding invitation process. We offer all the traditional ways to compose your invite wording along with some of our personal tips and tricks.

Looking for even more? We created a full list of 21 wording examples for every celebration style you can imagine. You can take a peek at the mega post up on the Aerialist blog. We are also happy to answer any other questions you might have in the comments!



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Rosemary Beach Editorial Engagement Shoot


A lifestyle engagement session in a picturesque Rosemary Beach home fit this couple’s style perfectly. From slicing fruit to enjoying their coffee over the morning paper, they wanted to show a glimpse of a real-life couple and showcase the everyday things we all have made routine. Cassie and John were so much fun to work with. Their pure love for each other radiated throughout the home and as you can see, through the camera. After you’re finished swooning over the photos captured by Lauren Kinsey, scroll down to read their uber adorable engagement story! We sure are after reliving such a fantastic day.




Brace yourselves, this a good one!

John and I went to the 30A Singer Songwriter’s Festival back in January 2015 and I was positive this would be the weekend he proposed. Well, that weekend came and went with no proposal. Sigh! I was devastated to say the least. Then, to top it all off I came down with a cold that following week.

John and I have this tradition where we watch old movies and eat Chinese takeout. With me being sick it was the perfect weekend to stay inside. John ordered and we both plopped on the couch, takeout in hand. After we finished our dinner John asked me if I wanted my fortune cookie. Now, to get the full picture you need a little background. I have collected fortunes that were special to me for years. So, when John asked me if I wanted my fortune cookie, without hesitation I responded, “of course!” I quickly tore through the packaging and broke open the little treat.

The fortune read, “Will You Marry Me?” I stared at the fortune with a perplexed look. Unbeknownst to me, John had ordered these custom fortune cookies weeks ago. There was a little snafu in the shipping because John received more fortune cookies than he purchased. So while I was sitting there silent and perplexed, John had no clue how the fortune read (good thing it did not say, “Hit the road, Jack!”). After taking a moment, I looked up at John and said, “Well, if there has ever been a sign you need to propose here it is!” I handed him my fortune, watched him read it and give a little chuckle.  Then, he dropped to one knee, took a little box out of his coat pocket and asked, “Cassie Kayla McDonald, will you spend the rest of your life with me?” Smiles, tears, laughter, all emotions came flooding out. I managed to gather myself enough to say, “Yes!!!” and the rest is history.

To this day that is the best fortune cookie I’ve ever opened!



 From Cassie: To say that Shelby and Lauren are a dynamic duo is not giving them the credit they deserve!  John and I wanted our engagement photos to be different.  Shelby and Lauren were courteous enough to take time out of  their busy lives and meet myself and John in person.  This gave us all an opportunity to meet each other and brainstorm.  It wasn’t anything fancy, just good conversation with good people over a cup of freshly brewed java.  We came up with the idea of doing a “lifestyle” session.  The final product? It was perfect.  Actually, it was beyond perfect.  Lauren’s talent with a camera coupled with Shelby’s genius of staging and conceptualizing the perfect shot gave John and I memories of a lifetime.  We cannot thank them enough.  I don’t want to brag, but how can’t I with these photos!! 



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Elderflower Grapefruit Gin Cocktail


A new year calls for a new and refreshing cocktail. Lauren, from Lauren Kinsey, and I had so much fun creating this shoot. Not only did we get to chit-chat over arranging pretty things, we also had to do a taste-test, right?!

The lemonade paired with freshly squeezed juice and Gin creates a burst of flavors in your mouth. Plus, the coloring is absolutely stunning  {add a little garnish for an extra dose of pretty} so it is the prefect cocktail to serve your girlfriends at next week’s viewing of the bachelor!

This cocktail is as delicious as it is pretty so we had to share it!


2 oz. St. George Gin

2 oz. Belvoir Elderflower lemonade

2 oz. Fresh Grapefruit Juice

Garnish with a sprig of Rosemary

Photography: Lauren Kinsey
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