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How to Recycle Your Wedding Florals

You’ve spent countless hours pinning wedding floral inspiration and designing your arrangements with your florist. Now, your wedding day is here and when you look around you see a sea of blooms you will enjoy for only a few hours. After the celebration is over, what do you do with your flowers so that others can enjoy them as much as you did? Sure, you can give a few bouquets away and keep a couple for yourself, but there will most likely be a lot left over. We have compiled a few different options to guarantee your carefully selected blooms will be put to great use.

Donate to Local Hospitals, Nursing Homes, or Homeless Shelters

This is a great way to spread cheer around to those who may be going through a difficult time. Once the wedding is over, carefully package the florals you want to donate and have one of your fabulous friends or family members deliver to the hospital, nursing home, or shelter. The best way to make sure the flowers are distributed, is to ask for someone in Volunteer Services. After speaking with a member of the volunteer team at Sacred Heart Hospital in Destin, FL, she was thrilled at the thought of the smiles on the patients faces when flowers are delivered to their rooms!

Fill Your Honeymoon Suite

This is a great go-to if you are staying over night at your wedding venue or close to your wedding venue. Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up to a room filled with florals from your dream wedding?

Keep Your Florals as a Keepsake

Preserving your flowers, even if it is a few stems or a bouquet, is a wonderful way to remember your big day! If you choose to keep one or two stems, folding them into your bible or journal would act as a nice memory when you go back to journal or look up your favorite scripture.

Donate to Your Church

If you are holding your ceremony in your church on a Saturday, leaving your florals for the church to use during their Sunday morning service would be a nice gift to your congregation. If you are traveling to a destination to get married, you could call around to a local church of your choice to arrange a floral donation.


We would love your ideas on how to recycle your wedding florals – Let us know in the comments!



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